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350A H-Bridge, Air cooled IGBT stack
- 800V DC Bus - 1700V IGBTs - 3kHz switching frequency - Air cooled - Rated for 50°C Ambient - Fiber optic interface driver - DC voltage se

Solar Stack
- 800V DC Bus - 1100A current rating, 3 phase - 1200V IGBTs - 4kHz switching frequency - Air cooled - Rated for 50°C Ambient - Electrical i

IGBT stack for HF inverter
- 600V DC Bus - 180A current rating, 3 phase - 1200V IGBTs - **15kHz switching frequency** - Air cooled - Rated for 50°C Ambient - Electric

Thyristor and Diode stacks
- SCR stacks upto 6000A - Forced-air and water-cooled designs - Complete solutions with fuses - Customised solutions

Power Quality Converters
--- Energy Efficiency, process improvement and productivity enhancement are driving the need for use of VFDs in all Industries fr

±12kA Fast Power Supply
- 12kA bidirectional, very fast IGBT based - World’s largest inverter at that time - Used for Field Position Con

250kVA High frequency IGBT stack.
- 25 kHz, hard switching - 600 V DC bus. - 482 Amperes RMS, 3 phase - Customized heat sinks - Film capacitors for DC link - IGBTs with SIC fre

HV Power supply
- 15Kv, 28A - 11Kv, 35A - 40Kv, 5A - Modular Power Supplies - Based on ZVS IGBT technology - Amorphous core Transformers - Isolation level

Rectifier Stack
- Three phase Diode Bridge Stack upto 1200VDC, 1000A - Used extensively as front end rectifier in 1.5MW, WEC's - Field proven with large ins

IGBT stack for 800kW Windmill
- Three phase stack for 300kW - Each half-bridge made of two chopper modules - New generation of Infineon IGBT Tjmax 175ºC - Boost chopper a

Water Cooled IGBT Stack
- 300A current rating, single phase - 600V IGBTs - **15kHz switching frequency** - Water cooled - Rated for 50°C Ambient - Fiber optic

IGBT stack for 1.65MW Windmill
* Single Leg Stack Air Cooled 800 Amp AC O/P * Extensively used in Wind Mills of 1.65MW Rating * Water cooled versions also available * S

Customized Solutions for Industrial Needs
Veeral Controls has both the breadth and depth of expertise with more than 35 years of industrial experience to help with any custom design, includ

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