Product List

350A H-Bridge, Air cooled IGBT stack
- 800V DC Bus - 1700V IGBTs - 3kHz switching frequency - Air cooled - Rated for 50°C Ambient - Fiber optic interface driver - DC voltage se


Solar Stack
- 800V DC Bus - 1100A current rating, 3 phase - 1200V IGBTs - 4kHz switching frequency - Air cooled - Rated for 50°C Ambient - Electrical i


IGBT stack for HF inverter
- 600V DC Bus - 180A current rating, 3 phase - 1200V IGBTs - **15kHz switching frequency** - Air cooled - Rated for 50°C Ambient - Electric


Thyristor and Diode stacks
- SCR stacks upto 6000A - Forced-air and water-cooled designs - Complete solutions with fuses - Customised solutions image: 5713144022302720


Power Quality Converters
Energy Efficiency, process improvement and productivity enhancement are driving the need for use of VFDs in all Industries from last two decade


±12kA Fast Power Supply
- 12kA bidirectional, very fast IGBT based - World’s largest inverter at that time - Used for Field Position Control in Super conducting Plasma


250kVA High frequency IGBT stack.
- 25 kHz, hard switching - 600 V DC bus. - 482 Amperes RMS, 3 phase - Customized heat sinks - Film capacitors for DC link - IGBTs with SIC fre


HV Power supply
- 15Kv, 28A - 11Kv, 35A - 40Kv, 5A - Modular Power Supplies - Based on ZVS IGBT technology - Amorphous core Transformers - Isolation level


Rectifier Stack
- Three phase Diode Bridge Stack upto 1200VDC, 1000A - Used extensively as front end rectifier in 1.5MW, WEC's - Field proven with large install


IGBT stack for 800kW Windmill
- Three phase stack for 300kW - Each half-bridge made of two chopper modules - New generation of Infineon IGBT Tjmax 175ºC - Boost chopper and b


Water Cooled IGBT Stack
- 300A current rating, single phase - 600V IGBTs - **15kHz switching frequency** - Water cooled - Rated for 50°C Ambient - Fiber optic inter


IGBT stack for 1.65MW Windmill
* Single Leg Stack Air Cooled 800 Amp AC O/P * Extensively used in Wind Mills of 1.65MW Rating * Water cooled versions also available * Support


Customized Solutions for Industrial Needs
Veeral Controls has both the breadth and depth of expertise with more than 35 years of industrial experience to help with any custom design, includ